#RockYourLegs Adds Shine to Schick Shave with Emojis

Schick and Skintimate have created emojis for the latest installation of #RockYourLegs. Legs have been added to increase the impact of the push. The branding exercise is now in its second year.

The #RockYourLegs movement aims to help women re-think how they care for their legs. The effort is designed to highlight the simple routine dubbed: Ready, Shave, Shine! The three-word phrase is also the campaign’s slogan.

“Emoji use is increasing among millennial women. This insight gave us an opportunity to engage women in a fun way. We want to drive the importance of a healthy leg care routine,” said Dan Kinton, Group Marketing Director, Women’s Systems and Skintimate at Edgewell Personal Care.

The #RockYourLegs campaign targets Schick’s Hydro Silk, Intuition, and Quattro for Women Razors products. Skintimate’s Shave Gel brands are also part of the execution. Each variant has been personified using a themed music video. The clip celebrates the steps women take when grooming themselves.

The #RockYourLegs video will run throughout the month of May. The emojis capture different styles to embody the benefits of the products featured. In the short film, the icons represent ‘emoji godmothers’. The characters sing an original song to educate consumers on the three-step leg care routine, Ready, Shave, Shine!

The tagline encourages women to pay attention to leg care. Both brands also offer at-home tools to help personalise one’s beauty regime so it reflects individual style. The offering is also meant to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

“Healthy legs can make you feel powerful and confident, so they deserve more than just basic shaving. They demand a personalised beauty routine. From total leg care to the hair-down-there, Schick and Skintimate give women great products to help create a custom leg care routine,” said Dr. Annie Chiu, Partner Dermatologist for Schick.