Reebok Partners with J.J. Watt for JJ I Product Premiere

Reebok JJ Watt

The product was built from the ground up to embody the partnership between Reebok and the aforementioned brand ambassador.

Reebok, in partnership with J.J. Watt, has released JJ I, a variant forged from the alliance between the global fitness giant and the three-time defensive player of the year. Over a year in the making, the product was built from the ground up for every athlete immersed in his sport.

Engineered to withstand and enhance Watt’s training regime, the line is inspired by his relentless and legendary work ethic. The brand ambassador participated in every step of the design and development to ensure the offering provides advantage to exceed one’s limits.

The training show also provides the ultimate heel to toe stability. The raised top-line midsole keeps the foot locked in on top of the platform for increased support, while the outsole provides multi-directional traction for strong, dynamic grip during the most intense agility workouts.

Meanwhile, FlexCage technology, a substructure cage with webbing tie-downs integrated into the upper, offers lockdown to ensure maximum transition of power without sacrificing responsiveness. A second cage integrated into the toe enhances protection during jumping and pushing.

The debut introduces the all-new Reebok Liquid Foam technology, allowing for rapid reaction to impact, while a key chapter of the Hunt Greatness campaign. It is built from the idea that, at our core we are all predators, but we no longer hunt to eat, we hunt to become our best selves.

“We partnered with J.J. because is constantly overcoming obstacles to become the best version of himself through training and commitment. We have built this shoe with him to provide a tool for those to hunt their own greatness,” said David Oksman, Head of US Marketing at Reebok.