Ocinator Releases Innovative Fitness Programme Marketing Campaign

Ocinator Releases Innovative Fitness Programme Marketing Campaign

Ocinator is now, for the first time, available to the public, and will launch its general market campaign with a couple of TV commercials during the American ESPN broadcast of Monday Night Football

Ocinator announced today the release of its innovative fitness programme, Ocinator, the doable fitness programme designed for busy people.

The programme is 20-minutes per day of intelligent, efficient, and easy-to-do exercise sessions. This is not a programme that will “kill you.” It is designed to build you, to improve your looks, posture, and quality of life, for years to come.

The programme is ideal for men and women of any age.

“More pain or sweat does not equal better results. ‘No pain, no gain’ was the thinking in the 1980’s. If you want to maintain toned muscles and an athletic body, it’s important to work consistently and efficiently. The ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality leads you to work out until exhaustion, become sore for days, and dread the thought of exercise. Unsurprisingly, this leads many people to quit exercising altogether,” says Nico Chavando, creator of the programme and graduate of Stanford University.

“On the other hand, the programme’s 20-minute daily workouts minimise workout time, exercise repetitions, and overall pain. Ocinator’s unique exercise programme shows you exactly how to work out for results, not exhaustion. With the programme, you will be able to exercise consistently and efficiently. The programme allows you to maintain an amazing body, not just for a few days or weeks, but for a lifetime. If you are ready to look amazing, ready to feel happier and more confident, Ocinator is for you,” added Chavando.

The Ocinator eating programme is created for the busy people. “Most of us don’t have 3-4 hours a day to prepare meals and snacks, and count calories, as the many other programmes recommend. Trying to follow one of those unrealistic and limiting diets, in many cases, sets you up for failure and frustration,” said Nico Chavando.

Ocinator’s eating programme is not a diet; it is a simple and straightforward food guide that lists the foods you can eat at home, fancy restaurants, or even the largest fast-food chains. Ocinator lays out what to eat and what to stay away from.