Double-distilled Ireland’s oldest licensed distillery, the new Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye pays tribute to the golden age of Irish whiskey.

Kilbeggan has released a limited-edition Small Batch Rye, its only modern Irish whiskey of record to deliver such a high quantity of rye within its mash. Said variant is the brand’s first to be fully distilled and matured at its distillery since the completion of the location’s restoration in 2010.

According to the alcoholic beverages company, each bottle is a testament of the spirit of the Kilbeggan community. The sentiment rings true for marque given that its heritage and distillery have been around for more than 260 years. The pour features malt, barley, and is about 30 percent rye.

With its mellow and spicy accents, the Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye is best served neat. If used in a cocktail, the brand’s recommendation is an Old Fashioned—with two parts of its rye, two dashes of aromatic bitters, a bar-spoon of simple or cinnamon syrup; and garnishing of one rosemary sprig.

Double-distilled to 86 proof in copper pot stills—one of which is the oldest in the world—the latest Kilbeggan Small Batch Rye is the first of its kind in today’s whiskey market. The Irish-made offering will be available in the United States beginning mid-November.

Due to the nature of the mash, its flavour profile is much softer than familiar American rye whiskies. The combination of rye, malt, and barley produces an oily, viscous, and creamy concoction. An innovative inclusion in both categories, the blend is meant to capture straight and cocktail drinkers.

“Following the restoration of the Kilbeggan distillery, the oldest in Ireland, we were inspired to create this remarkable whiskey rooted in Irish heritage. It truly is a unique spirit featuring a rare mash as well as flavour,” said John Cashman, Irish Whiskey Global Brand Ambassador of Beam Suntory.

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