CKE Restaurants and Kellogg’s have partnered to bring back the Froot Loops Mini Donuts to Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s due to popular demand.

CKE Restaurants has announced that the Kellogg’s Froot Loops Mini Donuts will return to Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The offering makes a comeback after selling out in just weeks after debuting last year. The snack lineup will be available for a limited period at select locations.

Relaunching at stores across the United States from 25 February, said product range, first released in 2018 by the fastfood chain, puts a fresh spin on the breakfast favourite with a hint of nineties nostalgia. The line boasts five colours: red, blue, green, purple, and yellow.

“Our Froot Loops Mini Donuts are the perfect anytime snack. We know our fans crave these nostalgic treats, and we are thrilled to return this fun innovation to our menu,” said Owen Klein, Vice President, Global Culinary Innovation of CKE Restaurants.

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