TEDI-London has asked Rose, a company specialised in creating, evolving and developing brands, to create the identity for the engineering university of the future, to fulfil their ambition to challenge preconceptions and encourage greater diversity in the engineering sector. TEDI’s vision is to revolutionise education in engineering in response to the sector’s growth into new areas of technology and to enable the engineers of the future to find solutions to worldwide issues.

Three prestigious global universities have joined forces to create the engineering university of the future. King’s College London, Arizona State University and UNSW Sydney have a shared vision to transform education in the engineering sector, with an innovative approach to curriculum delivery, industry partnerships and student recruitment. This landmark institute named TEDI-London has been established in the eponymous city, with plans for other institutions around the world to follow.

Rose worked closely with The Value Engineers, who undertook the research globally to create positioning and naming. They discovered an appetite for higher education engineering courses offering something tangibly different from other universities, that could provide the practical education needed to help graduates tackle real-world problems and innovate for a global community. This concluded in agreeing with the name ‘The Engineering and Design Institute’.

“Our brief was to create a brand identity to reflect the vision for an organisation aiming to transform engineering education and create the engineers of the future. We recognised their goal to recruit a diverse pool of students that may not have considered a future in engineering, but knew it would be important to balance a very contemporary approach with the heritage of the three co-founder universities” explains Garry Blackburn, creative director at Rose.

Rose took the essence of the future engineer and brought it to life using bold photographic portraits to break down barriers and attract students that may have been previously deterred by a future in engineering, with modern, unexpected typography and a striking colour palette. Taking inspiration from the 3 partner universities, Rose created the logotype for TEDI, replacing the conventional E with three lines, to represent each of the founding universities, to ensure they would be acknowledged throughout the identity.

Helping to establish further recognition across the brand, Rose developed a responsive website, advertising, communication materials, environmental graphics and merchandise to reinforce the message that TEDI-London truly is a university for the future engineer.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of TEDI-London”, said Professor Raper. “Our vision is to transform engineering education to transform lives – both for those that study with us and for those who benefit from the solutions they will design and make for a global society. It’s clear from the presentations we have heard tonight from the students that TEDI-London is already achieving this impact and we look forward to continuing to impact students’ futures now we are formally launched.”

TEDI-London launched on 10 March 2020 at an event at Tower Bridge and will open the doors of their Canada Water campus to their first students in September 2021.

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