Streaming audio provider, Pandora, has unveiled a second iteration of Sound On, a campaign built to connect listeners with audio content.

Streaming audio provider, Pandora, has unveiled its newest Sound On installment. The push champions the discovery of sounds inspired by the turn of the season. The narrative reflects the ability to pair the evolving trends of listeners with desired audio entertainment.

The brand has also revealed its first sonic logo as a signature which harnesses sound to deliver an original experience across multiple touchpoints. The multi-channel push runs in six markets for twelve weeks and features collaborations with several high-profile artistes.

The Pandora cast includes the Jonas Brothers, Maren Morris, Bebe Rexha, Khalid, 2 Chainz, John Legend, and Becky G. The roll-out marks the campaign’s second iteration, the first of which kicked off last November to deliver a winter theme around shared holiday moments.

Pandora boasts outdoor placements in iconic locations throughout Atlanta, New York City, Miami, Nashville, Oakland, and San Francisco; these span Times Square, the Oculus, Oracle Arena, and The Nashville Sign. Site-takeovers cover Thrillist, Vevo, and Vox deals.

Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter integrations are also in place. Each of the 1,100 components was created by Pandora to include live board screens at New York City subway terminals, San Francisco bus shelters, and Oculus screens in New York City.

“Our brand mission is to connect listeners with content they love. This campaign brings that notion to life by showcasing how universal moments can be deeply enhanced with the right soundtrack,” said Brad Minor, VP of Brand Marketing and Communications at Pandora.

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