Mucinex combines art and science to create “Sickwear,” an innovative new clothing category that helps you look good and feel better

Mucinex, America’s #1 doctor recommended cough and cold brand, is establishing itself as a holistic health and wellness brand, synonymous with helping people at every stage and phase of their sick journey.

By being a leading OTC brand to activate a robust social commerce business strategy, Mucinex will go beyond its reputation for delivering powerful symptom relief by demonstrating the brand’s commitment to enabling health care through self-care in new and groundbreaking ways.

Through a series of innovative partnerships and unexpected social activations, Mucinex will provide cold and flu sufferers access to total-care remedies and direct-to-consumer solutions where and when they need it.

To launch this OTC category-disruptive initiative, Mucinex will connect with consumers in real-time, unveiling the Sickwear capsule collection via a social commerce live-streamed event on YouTube and the brand’s direct-to-consumer website. This entirely new concept in clothing comes from the innovative business mind of Cynthia Chen, President, North America Health at RB, whose keen insight into consumers has always guided her to the belief that in order to feel good, it helps to look good.

The six-piece gender-neutral collection – designed by fashion icons Steven Alan and The Great Eros’ Christina Viviani – combines the perfect blend of scientific innovation and artistic design, and brings comfort and style to consumers, just in time for cold and flu season.

“Mucinex embraces innovation, which is why we’re thrilled to work with a community of visionary producers, directors, designers and culture disrupters to bring our holistic wellness and DTC vision to life,” said Chen.

“Connecting with our consumers through alternate social commerce and direct to consumer channels allows us to bring the power of the Mucinex brand to people along with their entire sickness to wellness journey, building relationships that are meaningful and lasting.”

The limited-time-only capsule collection focuses on holistic wellness and includes ready-to-wear, sleepwear and accessories anchored in innovative technology and design, with antimicrobial, breathable and washable fabrics, thoughtful tissue pockets, soothing aromatherapy sleeves, pillow hoodies and retractable eye masks. Additionally, each piece is curated with colours known for providing calming comfort, boosts of energy and optimism.

“The power of the Mucinex Sickwear collection is its ability to make you feel good, by addressing your symptoms in a way that complements the power of our proven cold and flu remedies,” said Chen.

To unveil the Sickwear collection and help spark the brand’s new social commerce and lifestyle initiative, Mucinex curated a team of creative disrupters at the forefront of innovation and culture, dubbing them Mucinex’s “Front Row of The Future.”

This collection of YouTubers including social personalities, Chriselle Lim, Drew Scott, Nava Rose, Daniella Perkins and Jacques Slade will debut the collection during a live-streamed event on YouTube, turning their private bedrooms into runways.

They’ll be modelling the collection under the creative direction of digital agency Barbarian and Emmy Award-winning photographer and director Danielle Levitt, whose career has spanned across fashion, art and commercial worlds.

The show will be produced by Cannes Lion-winner Mike Woods and the Webby Award-winning Production Company of the Year, m ss ng p eces, whose work has covered everything from cutting-edge music videos and brand commercials to immersive experiences and unique consumer events.

“Mucinex has always relied on scientific innovation, but we know consumers need more than just symptom relief as they recover from colds and flu; they also want to feel cared for, cosy and comfortable,” said Claudine Patel, General Manager for Health at RB.

” A sick day routine is built around emotional wellness as much as physical, and we believe that we are tapping a unique space at the intersection of symptom relief and total mind & body wellness. This is an experience that is both emotional and impulsive and a new occasion for the category.”

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