Microsoft has launched its own clothing line. The tech giant had begun selling a range of clothing under the pun-tastic brand name Hardwear. And the designs were inspired by the company’s software: MS Paint.

The nine-piece collection includes tees, hats, sweats, jackets, and trousers and was designed by Gavin Mathieu. 

The designs are actually pretty cool – and, unashamedly nineties in both spirit and style. It is interesting to see brands spread out into new areas and develop new ideas and inspire 

Microsoft describes Hardwear as much more than a clothing range – as all good branding should. It says the collection is reflective of the Normcore style, a lifestyle aesthetic that “puts the focus on individuals and not on the clothing they wear”. It’s also designed to inspire creativity by being simple, thus reducing any distractions to creativity. 

In an article on its website, Microsoft says: “check out the collection, but don’t stop at the clothes. Understand and carry the message that creativity is not on you, it’s in you, and it knows no bounds.”

You can see the whole Hardwear collection in the Xbox Gear shop.

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