LG revealed specs on its latest work of art. Causing a stir in the TV lovers’ worlds. This new TV at 325 inches is one of the largest TVs that will hit the market. The size of this TV will fill an entire wall in your home. In fact, judging by the pictures the Korean firm released, you’ll probably need a new mansion to fit it in.

This epic cinema display features a pin-sharp 8K panel that uses millions of direct-view LEDs to display your nightly dose of Netflix, Prime or Disney+. Along with needing a very big home, you’re also going to need plenty of cash in the bank with some reports suggesting it will cost a cool $1.7million to have one yourself. 

That’s around £1.25million and makes LG’s £100,000 rollable telly, which folds away when you’re finished with it, look like an absolute bargain.

In the past, these giant tellies have only been available to commercial customers but that’s all changed with LG now thought to be allowing anyone with enough money to buy one. Along with needing some pretty big walls, lots of cash and a new mansion. To place it on you may also need to hire a team of builders to fit it as the giant screen weighs in at over 900Kg.

If £1.25 million on a telly sounds like a little too much for the credit card, have no fear. Although LG may like to appeal to big spenders and push the boundaries for the home cinema fanatics, they are sure to have a variety of less pocket-burning TVs  for us common folk too. Unfortunately, not everyone is destined for 325 inches of screenage. 

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