Kleenex Brand Introduces Products for Modern Day Life


Kleenex Innovations Take More Tissue On The Go, Offer Stronger And Larger Tissue

Kleenex Brand released two new products nationwide designed to extend care for today busy, multitasking consumers. Kleenex Ultra Soft Go Anywhere tissue are in a versatile package and Kleenex Multicare tissue are larger and stronger, created by the facial tissue category leader.

Kleenex Ultra Soft Go Anywhere Pack tissue features a slim format, available in four designs, a snap strap and a sealable lid that dispenses easily. The protected packaging makes tissue more mobile, accessible and convenient. Compared to traditional On the Go packs, the new Ultra Soft Go Anywhere tissue has three times more tissue, including thirty tissues per pack.

Kleenex Multicare tissue is 75% larger and 50% stronger than Kleenex Trusted Care tissue to help each deliver more. Available in four package designs, Kleenex Multicare stands up to multiple occasions from sneezes to snacking to small spills, to confidently face whatever life brings.

“We’re committed to building upon our legacy of innovation and providing products that help people take care of themselves every day,” said Rusty Zaspel, Senior Brand Manager for Kleenex Brand Facial Tissue. “As we listened to consumer feedback and considered their busy lives, we recognised a need for convenience on the go while keeping tissues protected, and also providing a larger tissue that can serve more purposes.”

Kleenex Brand believes that by simply using a Kleenex tissue to take a moment to care for yourself, harnessing your nerves, wiping a sweaty brow or drying up tears of joy and gives you the confidence and composure to face anything.

“No matter the moment, Kleenex tissue is there for you, whether you’re an active, busy mom or settling into your first apartment, each of our new products is designed to help you ‘Take care. Take it on’,” said Zaspel.