Converse CEO has released a statement on the brand’s commitment towards the Black Community

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Nike, footwear company, Converse, has released a statement on its commitment to the Black Community. The statement, given by G. Scott Uzzell, President and CEO of Converse, Inc. came following the recent outcry of the social injustice that has been and still is inflicted upon the Black Community.

The following is the Converse statement by G. Scott Uzzell:

For more than one hundred years, Converse has been adopted around the world and across cultures – the canvas of our sneakers weaving into the daily lives of youth independent enough to create progress for themselves and their communities. What is abruptly and painfully clear, is that there cannot be youth progress, without Black progress. All lives cannot matter, until Black Lives Matter.

Whilst we collectively process these unthinkable acts, we are met with immense weight. Because we know this is not a new problem. Systemic racism, police brutality and senseless violent acts are killing Black people.

We know that there must be many paths taken for real change to be implemented in the US and beyond. It will take hard work, but we commit to act with focus and continuity as an ally.

This is the Converse commitment:

We know it needs to start with us. This means working on our company culture. This means more opportunity, inclusion, belonging, representation and equity for current and future Black teammates at all levels.

We work with Black creatives, designers, athletes and businesses. Their stories have played and will play a vital role in creating the Converse story. We will bring additional support to causes that affect their communities.

We will use our platforms to amplify the voices of Black youth around the world and will fund a dedicated community of emerging global leaders creating progress together.

We will work with Nike and Jordan to commit US$40m/£31.5m over the next four years to support Black communities. This investment focuses on organisations advocating for social justice, driving education and combating racial inequality. Converse has immediately made the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Equal Justice Initiative part of this effort with committed donations.

We believe in the power of the vote to create change and will support US voter education and registration at the national and local level.

Black people have fought against injustice for over four hundred years. To those using their voices in the fight for justice now, we will no longer be a witness.

We stand with you in action.

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