Weight Watchers has revealed international artiste, Robbie Williams, as its global brand ambassador. He will star in its For Every Body push.

Weight Watchers has named pop icon, Robbie Williams, as its new global ambassador. He will appear alongside Oprah Winfrey and other WW members in the brand’s integrated campaign, For Every Body. The musician will share his wellness journey via social media.

The aim is to drive followers to share their own reasons for getting healthy using #MyWhy. The push is based on the insight that everyone has their own reason to get healthy. The platform is for people to discuss the result and advantages of such a meaningful journey.

The effort reflects the evolution of the brand in building its position in weight management. Weight Watchers crafted For Every Body to showcase its holistic approach to wellness. The project debuts at a time when 90 percent of adults have chosen 2019 for positive change.

“We aim to be the world’s partner in wellness: a programme committed to helping millions adopt healthy habits. We are thrilled to have Robbie join our community and inspire others with his wellness journey,” said Mindy Grossman, President and CEO for Weight Watchers.

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