Nestea Beefs Up with Real Brewed and Fruit Infusions

nestea new flavours

Nestea has reinvented its portfolio with a line of seven new variants, of which the first three are fruit-flavoured and the rest real-brewed teas.

Nestea has unveiled a fresh proposition set to hit retail shelves across the United States this month. The reinvention is aimed at enhancing its position in the rapidly expanding $4.5 billion ready-to-drink tea category. The new brand includes reformulations and a premium product line.

Spanning visual identity, packaging, and more, the move represents the first major overhaul the marque has seen in years, and aims to embody the demand for simplicity of refreshment by today’s consumers. From flavour to bottle and branding, the revamp is based entirely on research.

Nestea listened to thousands across every age bracket to understand what they are looking for in the beverage aisle. The findings were clear; consumers demand an authentic experience without sacrificing taste. The updated portfolio delivers a range of fruit-flavoured and real-brewed teas.

The fruit variants encompass peach, lemon, and raspberry, while the real-brewed segment comprises three black tea concoctions and one organic green tea offering. The first product cluster remains free of high fructose corn syrup, GMO contents, and artificial flavouring and colours.

The second uses five key ingredients—water, sugar, tea, rooibos, and citric acid. The company sources its tea leaves from Nilgiri in India, a region known for its high-quality output. The group has also redesigned its bottles to be transparent and have a wider mouth for an easier grip.

“Ours is a seventy-year heritage. As consumers increasingly embrace simplicity and great taste in their beverages, we are committed to providing the finest ready-to-drink tea options on the market,” said Cassin Chaisson, Tea Marketing Director at Nestlé Waters North America.