McDonald’s Big Good feeds hungry Spaniards and helps the agricultural sector face the crisis provoked by COVID-19

Big Good is a new hamburger from McDonald’s. It has been co-developed by its agency, TBWA\Spain, and it not only feeds hungry Spaniards it also help the agricultural sector face the crisis provoked by COVID-19.

The company’s Big Good was created by the union of local livestock and agricultural producers from various regions throughout Spain who were affected by the COVID-19 crisis. They have joined together with McDonald’s regular food supply chain to create a team of more than 2,000 agricultural suppliers. It helps to reactivate their demand and contribute to their economic recuperation.

Juan García Escudero, Chief Creative Officer of TBWA\Spain, commented, “Big Good is the result of many months of working hand in hand with McDonald’s. It is an innovation, a launch, a quality campaign, a CSR campaign, and a documentary film, but above all, it is a tangible contribution of a great brand to the agricultural sector during this complicated situation in which we are all living. I think it is just what we need. We hope more brands step up and offer real contributions to society through product and action.”

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that the Spanish economy will shrink by 12.8% this year, the biggest contraction in all advanced economies (source: El Pais). Spanish farmers report being especially hard hit. In line with the severity of the Spanish pandemic, 51% of large Spanish farmers say they have been impacted “a great deal” by COVID-19 (source: Ipsos/Mori Syngenta study).

The McDonald’s Big Good burger includes seven locally sourced ingredients such as xtremaduran beef, from Toledo; semi-cured cheese made by Madrid-based company Entrepinares, created with cow’s milk from Galicia, sheep’s milk from Castilla-La Mancha and goat’s milk from Madrid; Batavia lettuce from Navarra and Murcia; tomato and onion, all managed by Florette, bread with wheat flours, rye and spelt from Castile and León, Catalonia and Madrid, produced by Aryzta Bakeries Iberia; and a Mediterranean sauce, made with Andalusian olive oil and tomato from Las Vegas del Guadiana, made by Arteoliva.

With the launch of Big Good, McDonald´s hopes to contribute to the visibility of the Spanish primary sector. To do so, it has given a voice to the individual stories of each producer who supplies an ingredient to Big Good. The 30-minute documentary is directed by Nacho Clemente, produced by TBWA\Spain and viewable on McDonald’s YouTube channel in Spain, and on the project´s webpage,, as well as other platforms.

The full campaign is running across TV, OOH, radio, digital, social media and internet. The Big Good burger is available in all Spanish McDonald’s locations.

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