Hilton Garden Inn Tweaks Design with Magnolia

hilton garden inn magnolia

Hilton Garden Inn has introduced a new design approach featuring six customisable prototype options with developers and revenue in mind.

Hilton Garden Inn has revamped its design approach to provide six customisable hotel prototype options. Aimed at developers seeking to expand their portfolios and maximise revenue, the new North American prototype dubbed Magnolia is being offered in every region where the brand operates.

The strategic move by the upscale Hilton brand endeavours to reduce footprint by eight percent in order to make it easier to acquire land and building sites; provide sizable cost efficiencies with an estimated six percent reduction in construction costs; and yield a stronger return on investment.

Key features guests will experience include a modular, pod-style check-in area; reconfigured public spaces with a bar-centric focus; modified food and beverage offerings; redefined meeting spaces with multi-functional features; and guestrooms with a nature-inspired design and larger bathrooms.

Magnolia also offers more natural light throughout the hotel and gives owners the option of including a swimming pool. Five other region-specific prototypes are available for Hilton Garden Inn regions including Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia Pacific as well as Australia.

The regional prototype approach extends the brand’s efforts in maximising efficiencies and profitability for owners while ensuring greater guest loyalty. The adaptable designs allow for market-relevant flexibility while retaining the global consistency that continues to propel the hospitality group’s growth.

“We are rapidly expanding globally and that requires a new approach to our hotel prototypes which addresses the localised needs and customs of each market. We are confident it will be more profitable than ever to build our hotels,” said John Greenleaf, Global Head at Hilton Garden Inn.

Hilton was a global winner of the 2014-2015 World Branding Awards in the Hotels category.