Groupon has teamed up with SWIRGO to introduce a unique Mother’s Day special in 3D to recreate bond between one mum and her child.

As the world prepares for Mother’s Day this weekend, Groupon in partnership with SWIRGO, an Alabama-based 3D printing manufacturer, is offering one person the opportunity to create a three-dimensional version of him- or herself to use as a once-in-a-lifetime gift for mum on her special day.

The supposedly bespoke surprise going for a whopping $30,000 (approximately £20,700) is not about the hefty price tag attached to the ‘almost-human’ encounter. Instead, it is about the offer of a heartfelt maternal experience unlike any other. According to the group-buying giant, the present is meant to serve as compensation for a child not getting to spend enough time with the woman who raised him.

The company added that once the ‘3D You’ token of appreciation is delivered to the intended recipient, she will be able to bring her otherwise engaged son or daughter along for all of her favourite activities, whether it’s getting a pedicure, going to a memorable lunch or attending a Broadway musical.

“We’re thrilled to offer one person the opportunity to give Mum what she loves most: endless quality time with her children. With a 3D You, Mum will always have your undivided attention and support even when you can’t be there,” said Johnny Cadillac, Head of Mother’s Day Gifting at Groupon.

The aforementioned Mother’s Day package by Groupon will entail a life-size, painted three-dimension version of ‘you’; travel to establish framework and blueprint for manufacturing (up to $2,500); as well as shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental United States.

Going the extra mile, the brand has even come up with helpful suggestions of bonding activities to be shared between mother and child. Those recommendations are such as Savasana (corpse) yoga poses, blink-free family photos, couples massages, tandem skydiving, trapeze classes, and tubing down a lazy driver.

The concept places the ball in the consumer’s court. It is fair to reason that said choice of gift is way out there. However, could the offering hold immense potential simply because it resonates with the emotions and sentiments of some mothers who hardly get to catch up with their busy children? When it comes to gift-giving, they say it’s the thought that counts. So what are yours on the above proposition? It is creepy or cuddly?

Beyond the exclusive 3D Mother’s Day extravaganza, the company is also making accessible to consumers an array of last-minute gift experiences which fit any budget. From spa specials and restaurant deals to city exploration packages and chocolates to flower bouquets, various options are available via its online gift shop and mobile app.

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