Since 1825, Folonari has expressed the true character of Italian viniculture, producing easy-drinking wines of outstanding value. Today, the time-honoured winery is proud to unveil a new look for its next era. After undergoing a comprehensive brand refresh that began in 2019, Folonari wines are now on shelves across the U.S. featuring new labels and revamped brand programming.

The Lion of St Mark

The newly redesigned labels feature the lion of St Mark which is the symbol of Venice – the capital of the Veneto region where Folonari wines come from.

“We are excited to bring Folonari’s popular portfolio to market with a fresh new look that fully expresses the brand’s iconic character and heritage,” says Derek Blackburn, SVP Marketing, Frederick Wildman.

“Its Coat of Arms gives Folonari an easy-to-identify emblem that is both representative of its core qualities, but at the same time modern and bold to appeal to new consumers.”

Collaborations with Successful Women

To drive awareness for the new label, the brand has a comprehensive marketing plan including key collaborations with model and entrepreneur Olivia Culpo, former Miss Universe, and Sophia Roe, chef and wellbeing advocate. Both women showcase the new era of Folonari through a fresh and exciting lens.

Iconic Italian winery Folonari debuts a new look for its next eraOlivia has shared the Pinot Grigio in her social media Instagram Live sessions and posts as an easy go-to wine this summer. “Folonari is a great wine for summer entertaining, it pairs so well with some of my favourite summer recipes,” said Culpo.

Sophia Roe is in the midst of hosting a summertime programme which focuses on wine & food pairing tutorials via Instagram live sessions. “I like leaning into the art of building a great recipe & taking it to the next level with a wine pairing, but more than anything I love sharing what I learn with others so they can do it themselves” Sophia shared.

New Product Innovations

As part of the brand’s refresh, Folonari will also be rolling out new product innovations this year. The brand is developing a new line of fizzy canned wines, with two refreshing varieties coming to select markets. Launching with both fizzy Pinot Grigio and Rosé wine options, this collection will be the first Folonari products offered in the popular and convenient slim can format.

From the very beginning, the Folonari family has demonstrated true passion for creating accessible, delicious wines and continually innovating. They helped pioneer the wide-scale distribution of wine in bottles in Italy, making it easier for consumers to enjoy consistent, quality wine. The brand continues the mission of creating wines for all and extending its legacy to the modern era to appeal to a new generation of consumers.

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