Estée Lauder launches its new Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex with its latest gaming experience

Every other brand is creating a gaming campaign but it’s still unusual for a skincare brand to do so, especially one from the “establishment” of skincare brands, Estée Lauder.


Estée Lauder’s gaming experience, ANRcade, was created by Paris interactive production company, makemepulse, to launch its new Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Multi-Recovery Complex. “Players” learn about the new serum’s benefits through a series of four games. Each game includes essentials such as sounds design, power-ups and bonuses. Players have the option of learning more about the serum benefits at the end of each game as well as from the central hub.

The ANRcade begins with a virtual tour through the iconic Advanced Night Repair product history, beginning in 1982 with the launch of the first-ever night serum, Night Repair. Each successive product iteration is represented with a style twist from each decade, from neon to low-res pixels to augmented reality.

“With the first-ever Estée Lauder ANRcade, we’re giving our consumers an exciting opportunity to learn about our #1 serum through gamification in a mobile-first approach on a global scale,” stated Jon Roman Estée Lauder Senior Vice President, Global Consumer Marketing and Online. “Leveraging innovative forms of technology, like this virtual gaming experience, we’re able to build strong connections with our consumers whilst offering them something fun they can share with friends.”

“Esteé Lauder challenged us to combine world-class virtual gaming technology and innovative skincare science to create a unique virtual and immersive Advanced Night Repair world,” added Nicolas Rajabaly, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, makemepulse. “It is rare that a project comes along that allows us to combine so many interesting web technologies into a single experience and create a series of games that can be unifying. It has been a creative and technical dream.”

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