Xiaomi’s #ChargingHappiness campaign highlights its Redmi Power Bank charging device with an on-site installation in Grand Central Terminal

Global technology company Xiaomi’s #ChargingHappiness campaign brought smiles to the faces of New Yorkers in Grand Central Terminal on 28 December with an on-site installation highlighting the brand’s Redmi Power Bank charging device.

As part of the overall campaign, Xiaomi created a film featuring Santa Claus requesting creators to use the Redmi Power Bank in hilariously different ways on a social media platform, TikTok. Designed to extend the holiday season to those passing through Grand Central, the TikTok videos are currently on display in a special holiday installation.

“We were excited to tap into the power of TikTok and showcase how these influencers used the Redmi Power Bank as a launchpad to express their creativity and humour,” said Yiyang Liu, Xiaomi’s North America marketing manager. “And we were equally excited to bring that creativity and humour to Grand Central.”

Passersby who watched the videos at the Grand Central installation were captured for a documentary-style film soon to be released across social media channels, bringing the joy of #ChargingHappiness full circle.

“The #ChargingHappiness campaign feels perfect for this moment,” Liu added. “We all need to strive to stay positive and stay connected, especially during the holidays and heading into the new year.”


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