The actor is the first of several celebrities to star in Make Amazing Things Happen by British Airways, discussing life, work, and travel.

British Airways has teamed up with actor, Kunal Nayyar, who plays the character of Raj Koothrappali on television’s The Big Bang Theory. The collaboration involves an exclusive video as part of the brand’s Make Amazing Things Happen series of short films.

The artiste is the first of several celebrities to receive a feature in the intimate sessions discussing life, work, and travel. He expresses his interest in being the first Indian Doctor Who. The interview is now available for viewing via the airline’s YouTube channel and website.

The video sees him explain how he “cried down the phone” when he finally received word about having landed the much-coveted role in the aforementioned comedy series following a six-week wait. Nayyar also discusses how travel has since transformed his life.

On the big screen, he is portrayed as an affluent astrophysicist in his twenties pursuing a prolific science-studded career in the United States. In actuality, Nayyar left his home and family in India at the age of 18 in exchange for a chance to chase the big America dream.

“That’s the funny thing about all of us on The Big Bang Theory: the people we portray are not the people we are in real life. Once at Comic-Con, a fan was asking about the Tardis. I asked ‘What’s the Tardis?’ and 10,000 fans just turned on me and starting booing,” said Nayyar.

British Airways offers business passengers an extensive global network and seamless connections with its airline partnerships. The automotive giant offers the flexibility to select the desired flight, route, and budget flying to more than 140 destinations worldwide.

This video was produced by video production company Social Films.

During the 2015-2016 installation of the prestigious World Branding Awards held at London’s Kensington Palace, British Airways emerged as a winner under the programme’s highly competitive airline (national) category, walking away with the title for a second consecutive year.

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