The American Graphic Design Awards Awarded to Anthem for Brand Packaging Excellence

Anthem, a global creative agency that actively connects brands with consumers by amplifying desirability from brand design to brand campaign to drive brand performance, has been awarded two packaging design Certificates of Excellence in the 2017 American Graphic Design Awards.

The agency aims to sell brands to drive brand performance. It is part of the brand development group of SGK. SGK is a division of Matthews International Corporation.

The American Graphic Design Awards competition reflects the increasingly expansive ways in which graphic design shapes business and society, products and services, commerce and culture. Winners are those select creative and marketing talents who best use the power of design to advance the brand promise and forge an emotional connection with the buyer at the moment of truth.

“It is always an honour to be recognised for packaging design excellence. This competition acknowledges packaging as a powerful design tool that drives product discovery and engages consumers in a persuasive conversation that translates into sales,”¬†said Janice Jaworski, Anthem’s Vice President of Brand Development (Americas).

In the Packaging category, the agency was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for its package design for Honeycomb, owned by Post Consumer Brands.

In the Packaging category, it was awarded a Certificate of Excellence for its package design for Soapbox, which is owned by Soapbox Soaps.

“CPG success on both the physical and digital shelves depends on visibility, trust and access. Packaging design that creates an emotional connection with consumers can position your brand for success in a crowded marketplace,” concluded¬†Jaworski.

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