The promotion allows customers subscribed to Book. Stay. Go. the opportunity to book a hotel and receive $16 worth of Uber credit.

Uber and Book. Stay. Go. have partnered to launch Summer ’16— a promotional campaign which allows customers subscribed to the app to book a hotel and receive $16 worth of Uber credit during their trip. The aim of the deal is to offer vacationers a hassle-free travel experience.

With the lowest airfares in the last eight years, down 12 percent year-on-year, travellers are expected in record numbers over the aforementioned holiday season. Book. Stay. Go. is a travel app built with seamless travel in mind. The platform works to offer corporate rates and last-minute deals at the most affordable prices.

In addition, the offering exists as an assist service which endeavours to help users better manage their hotel reservations. Travellers can check in and select their own room prior to arrival and even skip the front desk by using their smartphone as a room key.

To be eligible for the promotion, one must download the app and use it to book a hotel stay from 26 May to 5 September 2016. Upon check-in, the traveller is to select his or her room using the travel app, following which, the Uber icon must be tapped for initiation and to access the promotional code.

Once activated, the desired destination is entered, if different from hotel. The travel app can be accessed via Uber through Trip Branding Integration—so that every ride initiated from the app populates ‘View Reservation Details’ link within Uber. The above enables one to re-book Book. Stay. Go.

Its purpose is to afford subscribers the chance to modify a hotel reservation, access the hotel’s WiFi details and room number information as well as set up their digital room key for ease of travel between booking and transportation. Netizens can connect with the campaign using the hashtag #travelmore.

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