Planters and mascot, Mr. Peanut, have created a campaign focused on men’s health. Titled #SaveYourNuts, the push features a tutorial video.

Snack giant, Planters and mascot Mr. Peanut, which have been around for 102 years, is addressing male health as part of its Movember activities. Acting as every man’s wingnut, the brand has partnered with Dr. Darien Sutton-Ramsey for its #SaveYourNuts initiative focused on testicular cancer screening.

The aim of the Planters campaign is to educate guys on growing a moustache as well as self-checking for testicular cancer. As part of the overall exercise, a tutorial video featuring the good doctor has been released with step-by-step instructions to help fans of the brand achieve the above-mentioned objective.

To further support the Movember Foundation, both Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile will be sporting moustaches throughout the entire month. Meanwhile, Planters will also be raising funds as well as driving awareness around the issue. The effort is being executed across a dedicated Movember fundraising page.

“Planters is proud to partner with the Movember Foundation this year to drive awareness for men’s health issues. Mr. Peanut knows nuts, and we’re hoping that he can help men nationwide better know their own,” said Samantha Hess, Brand Manager at Kraft Heinz.

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