IKEA and Memac Ogilvy pitch new 2020 catalogue as a book that can solve any problem in the world

In a new, humourous ad released by Memac Ogilvy for IKEA – a two-time winner of the World Branding Awards, the brand‘s 2020 catalogue is portrayed as the solution to every problem in the world.

Viewers are introduced to a bedraggled Ali whose life seems to be in a mess, literally. After he is awoken by a thud outside his room, he discovers an IKEA catalogue that would soon change his life.

Fast forward into the future, Ali becomes a life guru who cites page numbers from the “all-powerful” book.

“What about loneliness?” asked a talk-show host. “Page 40,” responds Ali. “New couch, new friendships.”

“I hate people,” said a sullen man. “Page 100,” suggested Ali.

“He never helps!” said a lady whilst hitting her husband with her bag.” “Page 16. Bedroom,” Ali cheekily replied, alluding to the solution to their marital problems.

In 2018, 203 million copies of its 2018 catalogue were printed, ranking it alongside the Bible, the Koran, and Harry Potter as one of the world’s most-distributed books. It has become a kind of “bible” for home-owners who are looking for affordable home-decor, reaching nearly every country in the world.

The brand spends 70 percent of its marketing budget on its annual catalogue, employing hundreds of people in an 18-month-long process of creating the catalogue. Over-all, 1,400 pieces of art and 24,000 texts are created by a crowd of creative people to bring IKEA’s products and ideas to the doorstep of every man and woman.

The IKEA catalogue is tailored to reach 72 different regions (and various religions) around the world, which makes for a truly diverse set of advertisements.

This campaign was created for IKEA UAE, Egypt, Oman, and Qatar.

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