Heinz Taps Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and DAVID for New Campaign

Heinz billboard

The Heinz brand launches a new US advertising campaign created in partnership with Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and DAVID

Heinz, a name that is synonymous with ketchup, and more recently mustard and BBQ sauce, said that it has selected the “Pass the Heinz” campaign after an agency review because “it is clever, modern and doesn’t require paragraphs of copy” to convey what Heinz brings to the table.

The “Pass the Heinz” campaign, created by Don Draper, has been 50 years in the making, but it’s as timeless today as it was when it was first presented. Don understood the one key thing every Heinz fan knows: Never settle for the foods you love without the great taste of Heinz.

Heinz MadMen Burger
Heinz taps Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and DAVID to launch new campaign

“We are proud to be working with our two partner agencies on this new campaign,” said Nicole Kulwicki, Head of Heinz brands. “We hear from our consumers that food just doesn’t taste the same without Heinz. Whether it’s fries without Heinz ketchup or hot dogs without Heinz mustard, this campaign perfectly captures the desire for great-tasting Heinz products with America’s favourite foods.”

The “Pass the Heinz” campaign will be brought to life in New York City through traditional print ads and outdoor billboards.

The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, with eight $1 billion+ brands.

Heinz is a global winner of the World Branding Awards.