DHL will introduce its newest innovation in supply chain risk management: The Resilience360 App

At the 4th annual Risk & Resilience Conference, DHL will introduce its newest innovation in supply chain risk management: the Resilience360 app. The app, an extension of DHL’s existing Resilience360 platform, offers near real-time monitoring of shipment milestones across transport modes, as well as external incidents capable of disrupting a business’ supply chain.

It provides businesses with any time, anywhere access to supply chain information and uses advanced technologies to help businesses predict, assess and mitigate disruptions in near real-time right at their fingertips.

“In the increasingly connected world we live in, both people and goods are constantly on the move, making near real-time risk management imperative. At the same time, supply chains have become incredibly complex,” explains Tobias Larsson, Head of Resilience360, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovations.

“However, thanks to revolutionary technologies like big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning algorithms, we are in a position to identify and manage risk like never before. The app puts all of that predictive power at your fingertips.”

At the September 20th conference at the DHL Innovation Center in Germany, more than 180 top innovators and industry leaders will collaborate on supply chain risk management solutions and examine emerging risks, such as cybersecurity threats.

Google, the world leader in technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will head an impressive list of top researchers and decision-makers that will present on emerging and breakthrough technologies at DHL’s Risk & Resilience Conference covering areas such as the Internet of Things, Machine Learning and AI.

Latest research from the esteemed RWTH Aachen University will be presented on impacts of supply chain disruptions to companies and SOS Children’s Villages will discuss how satellite technology is used to mitigate the crisis in a global NGO network.

Under the theme of “Breaking Barriers: Collaboration in Supply Chain Risk Management”, the 2018 conference will also focus on working together across siloed departments as key to a successful risk management strategy.

Global supply chains face a broad range of risks, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and a rapidly changing regulatory environment. DHL’s Resilience360 platform provides businesses with the tools to predict, assess and mitigate the risks of supply chain disruption quickly with near real-time global visibility through the vast DHL network of intelligence.

For example, Google is using Resilience360’s advanced incident monitoring tools and real-time shipment risk monitoring to deliver its technical infrastructure and enable data centre growth. “The system allows us to take better ownership of exceptions,” says Vivek Syania, Head of Americas Transportation Ops in Google. “Instead of responding after a problem has occurred, we can now make decisions about shipments before they enter the pipeline or while they are in transit.”

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