Febreze Prepares America for the Halftime Bathroom Break

Created by Grey New York, the new Super Bowl campaign by Febreze offers a humorous spin on the all-important halftime bathroom break.

Titled America’s Halftime Bathroom Break, Febreze has unveiled its first Super Bowl commercial. The 30-second spot airs during the second quarter of the game on 5 February 2017. Created by Grey New York, it is voiced-over by Kathryn Hahn and provides a humorous look at the all-important halftime #bathroombreak.

Timed to premiere just prior to America’s mad dash to the can at halftime, the ad is an extension of the homecare brand’s Odor Odes marketing campaign, which is also voiced-over by the same actress while centred around how the things that people love most, can sometimes also stink.

A longer-form film has also been produced, telling the full story, and is based on a consumer behaviour driven insight that when the whistle blows, the Halftime Bathroom Break ensues. More toilets are flushed between the second and third quarter of the Super Bowl than at any other time during the year.

The effort is the culmination of the brand new push designed to remind consumers to get ready for game time with New Febreze featuring OdorClear technology. The exercise includes a television teaser spot, longer-form online video, digital adverts, in-store executions, and a PR element linked with Charmin.

“We’re capturing the experience of millions of game watchers as they sit cross-legged, squirming, and holding it until halftime. It’s a witty and relatable moment that we are uniquely poised to own on game day,” said Martin Hettich, VP of P&G Home Care North America and Brand Franchise Leader for Global Air Care.