Domino’s Renews Relationship with CP+B in America

domino's pizza cp+b

After a 10-year collaboration, Domino’s has renewed its partnership with incumbent, CP+B, with the new deal set to last until 2020’s end.

Domino’s has extended the appointment of its agency of record in the United States, with the new agreement ending in 2020. Like the past decade, CP+B will handle creative, brand strategy, media planning, and digital for the pizza chain.

Alongside the firm, the brand introduced a landmark transformation with its Pizza Turnaround campaign in 2010. Setting a precedent for corporate transparency, the group has since embarked on an ongoing mission to improve and exceed consumer expectations.

Highlights include its purpose-built delivery vehicle and the launch of a wedding registry this year. Also, since online ordering rolled out nationwide, the fast food giant has debuted innovations such as a digital customer loyalty programme and its AnyWare platform.

The above allows consumers to order from anywhere whether through voice apps, Facebook Messenger or simply by tweeting or texting a pizza emoji. The company now generates 60 percent of orders in America via digital channels.

“Together, we built a legacy of creative work founded on uncommon honesty. We formed an unrivalled collaboration in which CP+B is a true extension of our team. We are looking forward to the next series of game-changing ideas,” said Joe Jordan, CMO at Domino’s.