LG Electronics has launched a digital campaign in line with its ThinQ portfolio to reflect the artificial intelligence capabilities of key products.

LG Electronics has created a digital push to showcase the innovative capabilities of its ThinQ portfolio. The platform represents a new line of products integrated with artificial intelligence functions. Backing the brand’s Think Wise. Be Free. tagline, the video series conveys the benefits of the range.

With an extensive suite, ThinQ goods are customised for those seeking enhancement in their varied lifestyles. Whether at home or on the go, the artificial intelligence features embedded into offerings afford practical levels of convenience meant to be experienced across important facets of daily living.

A reflection of the LG Electronics credo, Innovation for a Better Life, the series focuses on the assimilation of three users who welcome the ThinQ advantage. Each video illustrates elevation from the consumer’s perspective and captures the freedom of time one reclaims.

The episodes demonstrate key benefits such as the planning of last-minute trips simplified to eliminate stress; how artificial intelligence can change the way people approach cooking and consumption; and enhanced management of personal style in terms of how everyday people care for their clothes.  View the LG Electronics series here:

  1. ThinQ Travel
  2. ThinQ Gourmet
  3. ThinQ Style

“The video series emphasises the positive transformations that ThinQ products can bring to diverse lifestyles. We hope viewers can get a glimpse into the level of freedom and convenience our products can provide,” said Han Chang-hee, Head of Global Marketing at LG Electronics.

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