Minecraft unveils a fresh Bedrock update, introducing a significant transformation to a beloved mob and incorporating several intriguing experimental features.

Minecraft’s Bedrock edition introduces a significant alteration to Wolves, alongside new experimental features for players to explore, along with a multitude of bug fixes and enhancements. Wolves have been a focal point of discussion following recent modifications in a prior Minecraft update.

In a recent Minecraft Preview update, eight new Wolf variants were introduced, each themed around specific biomes. These variants boast unique coats that reflect their respective biomes and spawn in varying pack sizes.

For instance, the Striped Wolf variant can appear in packs ranging from four to eight, whereas the Snowy Wolf variant is always found solo. As Wolves take on an increasingly prominent role in Minecraft’s classic gameplay, Mojang has implemented further adjustments to this beloved mob.

Minecraft latest update.

Additionally, the update 1.20.70/71 for the Bedrock edition brings significant enhancements to Wolves, doubling their health from 20 to 40 and also increasing the amount of health they receive from feeding. The update introduces three new experimental features that can be enabled.

The first feature is Wind Charge, a novel ranged weapon from Breezes. When used, this weapon launches a projectile akin to a Breeze, capable of knocking back enemies and inflicting damage upon direct impact.

The second addition is Bogged Skeletons, a fresh variant of the skeleton mob found in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps. These skeletons have reduced health compared to their counterparts and shoot poisonous arrows at a slower rate.

The third addition is the Vault block, located within Minecraft’s Trial Chambers. To access its contents, players must acquire a Trial Key, enabling them to unlock the block and reveal its valuable loot. However, each player can only unlock the loot from a Vault block once. Additionally, the update incorporates numerous bug fixes, gameplay enhancements, and another minor experimental feature. This feature enlarges the collar size of tamed wolves and ensures collars are visible from all perspectives.

A dedicated fan has crafted a captivating graphic illustrating Mojang’s inspiration behind Minecraft’s latest wolf variants. Each variant appears to draw from real-life counterparts inhabiting analogous biomes, showcasing a deliberate effort by Mojang to elevate the significance of this beloved mob within the game.

Minecraft latest update.
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