IKEA Canada have introduced a new character in its latest advertising campaign – The Stuff Monster. The furniture brand was a two-time global winner of the World Branding Awards.

The character is made up of old bits of furniture – sofas, chairs and even lamps for eyes. The idea behind the character is to encourage sustainability and as a message to say there is no shame in having used furniture.

Canada is reportedly the most wasteful country in the world per capita, so this ad wants to show that items can be refurbished, re-used and re-loved. They are also introducing a scheme where people can return items, in good condition in exchange for store credit. 

Product Developer at IKA Sweden, Anna Granath said, “We need to find alternatives for a circular system.

“Not only is it a model for a greener and healthier planet, it is also a mindset. And IKEA is embracing it.”

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