Viber Signs with The Huffington Post for Sticker Series

Viber Huff Post

The Huffington Post will launch Viber Public Chat to host discussions featuring celebrities, personalities, and brands across various topics.

Viber, the messaging app with more than 754 million users worldwide, has partnered with global news giant, The Huffington Post, to debut a 2016 Presidential election stickers series. The latter will also launch a public chat to host live discussions featuring celebrities, personalities, and brands across various topics.

Content via said platform is set to include music, sports, fashion, entertainment, news and more. Users downloading the pack will be signed up to follow HuffPost’s Election’s Public Chat to engage with editors for real-time updates and political analysis from the site’s top political editors and reporters.

“We exist as a platform to express your creativity and are excited to have The Huffington Post release its presidential sticker pack during this exciting season and join a new public chat which focuses on the race to the White House,” said Scott Nelson, Head of Viber North America.

With Public Chats, subscribers can get on the inside of things that matter to them most and watch the conversations unfold in real-time. With more than 500 sticker packs now available to choose from, Viber is celebrating by giving away free political stickers to its Sticker Market for iOS and Android users.

“The HuffPost Elections Public Chat reaches new audiences and gives our readers a unique glimpse at the kind of candid conversations we typically have. The sticker pack will only add more flare to our conversations, while giving users a way to join the conversation,” said Ashley Alman, Social Media Editor of HuffPost Politics.