Vanguard Sees Global Roadster Motorcycle Debut

vanguard roadster motorcyle

New York City based motorcycle group, Vanguard, has unveiled the prototype of its latest premium model known as the Roadster.

Vanguard has launched a new brand of motorcycle dubbed the Roadster. Currently a running prototype, its production is slated for 2018. The variant is the first of three built on a common powertrain that covers all riding positions, with the Cruiser and Racer to follow suit.

The result of intelligent design, the model delivers a modern silhouette as well as pristine form and function. It boasts several unique features like a frameless structural engine, unitised crankcase, integrated exhaust, and digital dashboard with a rear-view camera.

Welcoming a personalised experience, the vehicle’s world premiere is set for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in New York City on 9 December 2016. The Vanguard brand is led by famed designer, Edward Jacobs, and serial entrepreneur, Francois-Xavier Terny.

The Vanguard Roadster is a strong alternative to current premium motorcycles. Selected dealers are signing up as ambassadors of the game-changing entrant. Using modular construction and based on large sub-assemblies, the manufacturer revisits traditional manufacturing methods.