TwoEyes Tech Develops 360-degree VR That Can Be Viewed Easily

VR Technology from TwoEyes Tech Gains Recognition from Around the Globe

TwoEyes Tech, a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre, has developed a binocular 360-degree field-of-view VR camera that captures images using two pairs of fisheye lenses arranged 65 millimetres apart, just like the eyes of a human, thus allowing for a more comfortable VR experience.

The company made sure that the VR images it produces mirror human eyesight by taking the standard distance between human eyes into consideration when capturing the images. As a result, the images show a three-dimensional representation of the world as people see it. In only one filming session, the VR camera captures 360-degree 3D video that can be viewed on VR headsets, smartphones, computer monitors, and 3D TVs. The videos, in full HD, 3D, and red-cyan mode, can be converted from and into 180-degree and 360-degree content, meaning that a single recording can be converted into six different types of content.

Moreover, filming with the camera is quite easy. When held horizontally, the camera records in binocular mode; when held vertically, it records in monocular mode. The recordings it produces can be viewed immediately on a smartphone or uploaded to social media.

A pair of lenses captures mass appeal and innovation

TwoEyes Tech’s technology for shooting in various modes using two pairs of fisheye lenses has already started gaining recognition around the world. In November, the company was granted a CES 2018 Innovation Award, which is given to companies that have developed products that meet certain standards of innovation, functionality, design, and other criteria at the annual trade show.

General consumers also began showing interest in TwoEyes Tech as well. The company’s recent crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter managed to secure investments from 699 backers totalling nearly US $190,000/£140,121, which is almost five times more than its original goal of US $40,000/£29,499. In the coming year, the company is planning to begin official sales through mass production, and another funding project on Makuake, a Japanese crowdfunding site, is in the works as well.

“We are planning to revamp our product name for a more global audience once we start mass producing and selling the cameras. The challenge we are facing now is to create a quality product that functions well and is easy to use,” said Song HunJoo, CEO of TwoEyes Tech.