Twitter Sweeps in with #Stickers for Photo Editing

Twitter #Stickers

#Stickers is a tool allowing users to pick from hundreds of accessories, emojis and props, and stick them anywhere on their photos.

Twitter has launched #Stickers, a photo-editing tool that allows one to choose from hundreds of accessories, emojis and props, and stick them anywhere on the photos they upload via said channel. Like hashtags, the platform offers users the chance to explore a topic of interest and join in on the global conversation.

With the tool, any public Tweet containing a sticker is easily searchable —a convenience which adds a new visual spin to the hashtag. In essence, simply tapping on a sticker brings up a new timeline of Tweets from people around the world using that same sticker.

When editing a photo, a library of stickers will be available across categories such as Accessories, Animals, Food, Technology, Flags, and more. The Featured category highlights Live Stickers tied to world events, holidays or other themes, making it easy for netizens to participate in timely conversations.

#Stickers can be resized, rotated, and placed anywhere on a photo. A timeline of Tweets using a specific sticker is accessible by tapping on it within any photo on the site. Rolling out over the coming weeks for iOS and Android, the feature will be viewable across the website as well as in syndication.

“Millions of Tweets with photos are sent daily, capturing the moments that the world is talking about. #Stickers gives people a fun way to add their unique style to photos and connect them with the world. By making them searchable like hashtags, we’re enabling the best of Twitter,” said Leslie Berland, CMO at Twitter.