Sprint Partners With Scopeworker On Multi-Billion Dollar 5G Deployment

sprint scopeworker partnership

Sprint aims to digitise its supply chain and save cost, time, and quality efficiencies by utilising Scopeworker software

Supply chain digitisation software, Scopeworker, has announced that it will partner with Sprint to help digitise the company’s multi-billion-dollar supply chain.

Following successful trials in which double-digit percentage savings for Sprint’s procurement department were consistently generated, the software will engage in multiple programmes to automate cost, time and quality efficiencies.

The Sprint programmes are major, multi-year investments that will dramatically improve its network coverage, reliability and speed.

The software simplifies complex services supply chains with an uncomplicated digital transformation. The web platform and mobile apps real-time automate engagement between buyers, suppliers and workers for an end-to-end supply chain uberisation.

“We are pleased to see Sprint’s bold decision to embrace a digital transformation of their supply chain was immediately rewarded,” said Sean Yazbeck, Founder of Scopeworker.

“We chose Scopeworker’s platform because it is disrupting the supply chain and changing the way carriers build and operate networks.

“The platform allows our Network team to have full visibility to all field-based transactions and track metrics, including cost savings,” said Cyril Pourrat, Sprint’s Vice President of Procurement and Supply Chain.

According to industry studies, the software’s digitised marketplace automates procurement savings of up to 30% and increases workforce productivity by up to 30%.

Stakeholders engage AI Analytics for end-to-end transparency of budget, productivity and real-time management by exception. External systems including ERPs, databases and IoT devices are aggregated and their engagement automated.

Scopeworker CEO, Justin Duval, added: “Scopeworker provides enterprises a simplified roadmap from siloed digitisation to end-to-end digitisation. It is particularly exciting to see the speed with which our software has automated cost-effective solutions for multi-billion dollar programmes in 4G and 5G densification and the monetisation of Smart City and enterprise IoT networks.”

The company is currently developing programmes across multiple industries including energy, healthcare and government rapid response management for disaster relief.

It is additionally partnering with the United Nations to automate sustainable economic growth and increased workforce productivity around the world.