TikTok “Fun & Safe” campaign informs young users about safety options and encourages usage of app safety tools

TikTok, a popular social media app, has launched a guidance campaign, created by Ogilvy, to encourage and inform its mostly young audience on safer practices online. The series of videos that can be viewed on the app’s safety centre platform show viewers how they can prevent themselves from hard, using real creators to visually enact situations that appear online.

The educational video series, “You’re in Control,” helps TikTok in our mission to foster a safe, positive environment where users are in control and can express themselves creatively, it said on its website. Each video is characteristically TikTok, with each humorous short skit appearing in the style of the app.

In one of the videos (seen above), a group of people are seen seated in a bus whilst one passenger puts her feet up onto the seat in front of her. Naturally, everyone else in the bus is disgusted by this. What follows is a simple tug on a line by a passenger makes the bus driver stop the bus and magically throw a pair of shoes onto the naked feet, which then makes everyone happy. The video then breaks into a typical TikTok style song while users are shown how they can report inappropriate behaviour.

Another video shows users how they can filter bad comments and to block out hate speech. American TikTok creator, Donovan Moore, is featured in this video and can be seen pouring a can of ‘TikTok’ alphabet pasta into a cooking pan. However, he removes words like ‘lame’ and ‘dumb’ into a bin and cooks the rest of it which includes words like ‘happy’ and ‘joy’. And like all the other videos, it also shows users how to block bad words from the comment section.

Other videos include tutorials on how users can be mindful about the information they share, block undesired users, disband harassment, report inappropriate content and even how to control who gets to duet with them. The full list can be seen on the app’s safety centre platform.

“Safety is our number one priority,” said Elizabeth Kanter, Director of Global Public Policy at TikTok UK, in a statement.

“This new campaign, featuring some of our most loved creators from a variety of backgrounds and genres, demonstrates our commitment to originality, as we educate, empower and encourage our global community to stay safe and positive,” she added.

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