Pantene has initiated 14-Day Challenge on social media—a digital initiative welcoming the change from #BadHairDay to #GreatHairDay.

Pantene has rolled out 14-Day Challenge, a social media push inviting consumers to replace their bad hair days with great ones. Referencing research from Yale, which found that only one out of 10 women is satisfied with her hair on a daily basis, the brand is using the movement to make a difference.

Seeking to boost confidence, Pantene aims to switch out #BadHairDay—which has been used 1.2 million times on Instagram—with #GreatHairDay, a hashtag with much lower traction amongst users as the occurrence is less common. A primary function of the digital drive is to increase good-hair days.

The effort will introduce two 30-second spots featuring actual women who have suffered messy locks alongside real-time responses to the challenge. To measure the results, Pantene has launched #GreatHairDay Studio, a hub powered by participants keen on engaging with every #BadHairDay mention.

For two consecutive weeks, the assembled bevy will reply to posts containing videos and messages developed in the moment. Personalised interactions will be exchanged with the goal to steer engagement towards the conversation and challenge. To enter, fans must sample the Pantene Hair Advisor tool.

The customised solutions offered will entail the best regimen for individual adoption. Each participant is then required to wash her hair using the recommended shampoo and conditioner combination. Next, the resulting outcome is to be shared on social media using #GreatHairDay to add to the discussion.

“As a brand that gives hair inside-out improvements one can see and feel, we have an obligation to put a stop to bad hair days by giving women a solution that will transform their hair, providing that feeling of joy a great hair day gives,” said Rodrigo Finotti, Marketing Director for Pantene.

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