Melissa Lovy Warms Hearts for Mother’s Day

melissa lovy mothers

Jewellery designer, Melissa Lovy, has partnered with a team of social media influencers to showcase its key highlights for Mother’s Day.

American jewellery maker, Melissa Lovy, has rolled out a digital push around Mother’s Day. Born in New York City, the brand will rely heavily on social media influencers to pave the way for purchasers. The marque has partnered with an eclectic cast to drive the effort.

The lineup includes Michaela Podolsky, Carrie Nachmani, Tanya Zuckerbrot, and others to showcase standout pieces as the ultimate gift for the upcoming festivities. All the featured items are now available. The aim of the exercise is to celebrate the mother-daughter bond.

Melissa Lovy offerings connect generations with classic shapes and modern customisation options. A notable attribute of the company is its co-design efforts involving clients. From crystal embedding to gold-plating, both sides work closely to produce unique creations.