PetSafe Introduces Alexa Integrated Automatic Pet Feeder

PetSafe latest feeder works with Amazon Echo and Amazon Dash Replenishment for added convenience

PetSafe Brand, a global leader in innovative pet product solutions, has released a second-generation model—the PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder.

With the new pet feeder, pet owners can easily feed their cats and dogs or schedule their meals using the Smart Feed app on their smartphone. The feeder dispenses customisable portions and includes new features like low food alerts to your smartphone, allowing pet parents to create a feeding schedule, monitor their pet’s meals and dispense food any time, from anywhere, bringing convenience to mealtime.

Plus, with an Amazon Echo device, pet parents can use voice commands to ask Alexa to feed a snack when they are tied up. The new Smart Feed is also integrated with Amazon Dash Replenishment, allowing pet owners to automatically reorder pet food the moment more is needed ensuring their pet never goes hungry.

“From missing a meal because of long hours at work or forgetting to buy food when it is out, we know that not feeding our furry friends on time, every day, can cause feelings of guilt,” says Sarah Beene, PetSafe water and feed solutions category Manager.

“We leveraged customer feedback to incorporate additional features into to the second generation PetSafe Smart Feed to make pet parenting more convenient.”

The feeder holds 24 cups of dry or semi-moist cat or dog food and meals can be dispensed up to 12 times a day. For overzealous pets that tend to gulp their food in record time, the unique Slow Feed option dispenses each meal slowly over 15 minutes. The Feed Now option can serve meals on-demand from the app or with the push of a pet-proof button on the feeder.

This launch is supported by the brand‘s summer-long “Leave Sorry Behindcampaign, which promotes healthy solutions to improve pets and their parents’ lives.