L’Oréal Canada Secures Technology Tie-up with Dubdub

The partnership with dubdub will enable L’Oréal Canada to monetise video content and track performance across its influencer network.

L’Oréal Canada has inked a deal with Toronto-based tech company, dubdub, to accelerate its influencer marketing programmes. Available on both iOS and Android, dubcandy is a video application allowing independent content creators to turn any video into a shoppable one.

The ability to measure and attribute sales to specific influencer content will be a unique benefit in terms of ROI, and also in terms of being able to refine and modify the brand’s messaging for new audiences. The potential upside rests in unleashing the distributed nature of influencers.

Data-driven campaigns have become the new norm, and now both influencers and brands are demanding a way to calculate and track the ROI of their video content. Through dubcandy’s dashboard, influencers and brands can both keep track of important metrics to assess success.

“E-commerce acceleration is part of our growth strategy and as an advocate and supporter of influencer marketing, we feel that partnering with influencers through innovative e-commerce initiatives is the new way to operate,” said Stéphane Bérubé, VP and CMO of L’Oréal Canada.