Jeep Launches Innovative Customer Experience With The New Jeep Compass

Jeep Compass Visualiser

“Jeep Compass Visualiser” allows customers to walk around and discover the all-new Compass, before it physically arrives in showrooms

The Jeep brand is introducing an innovative customer experience at its dealerships: starting today, consumers in selected markets in Europe can walk around and look inside the all-new Jeep Compass before it is physically available in the showroom, thanks to an augmented reality experience.

The Jeep Compass Visualiser is an innovative, easy-to use application that recreates the virtual car before the eyes of the customers in its real dimensions, allowing them to discover the new model and interact with it before its physical arrival in the dealer’s showroom.

The application was jointly developed with Accenture and its customer experience agency, Accenture Interactive, and is based on Tango – Google’s smartphone augmented reality technology, which gives mobile devices the ability to navigate the physical world similar to how we do as humans – and is optimised for the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone, the world’s first Tango-enabled consumer device.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Accenture showcased a prototype of this application at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2016, providing a first glimpse of how augmented reality can revolutionize the consumers’ shopping experience by allowing them to view and interact with a full-scale virtual version of the car they are considering buying.

The Jeep Compass Visualiser is now available across Jeep showrooms in selected markets (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland) and will be available in most Jeep dealerships in Europe by end of this summer.

How does it work

The Jeep Compass Visualiser allows car buyers to hold a Tango-enabled device and view, walk around, look inside and configure a life-size virtual car. External colours and wheel options can be selected and interchanged. Doors can be opened to reveal a realistic and detailed interior, where changes to upholstery colours can be made with a tap on the device screen. As the car is viewed through the device, the virtual car moves in relation to how the user moves.

Customers visiting Jeep dealerships will be able to select their preferred Jeep Compass interior configuration with a choice of two interior colours – Urbex or Ski Grey – and materials – full leather or leather and cloth. The selections will appear in the augmented reality application allowing customers to visualize the choice in 3D, even though the vehicle is not physically present.