iPhone 6S Remains the Most Used Smartphone in the World


History Indicates That iPhone 6S is Most Popular

ScientiaMobile released their Mobile Overview Report (MOVR) last week, in which it found that the iPhone 6S was the top choice of smartphone model in the world despite the Apple iPhone 7 debut in September 2016, eight months ago.

According to the Q1 2017 MOVR, the Apple iPhone 6S became the most used mobile in February 2017 and is now at almost 8% of all global smartphone browsing. In comparison, the iPhone 6 peaked in popularity a year earlier, February 2016, at 14.6%, 488 days after debut. Recently, the iPhone 6S usage continues to grow despite the iPhone 7 debut.

The iPhone 7 user base is still on an upward trajectory, ending March at 3.6%, earning third place among iPhones. Given the size of the iPhone 6 user base, the upgrade potential for the iPhone 7 and 8 is significant if Apple can retain customers.

This debut trend history is helpful to e-commerce and advertising websites, who rely on mobile optimisation to display their products and services accurately and within seconds to customers across all devices.