Forcepoint Raises Cyber Shield to Protect the Human Point

To reinforce its central theme, Forcepoint has devised a new brand push featuring broadcast, digital, social, outdoor, and print elements.

Global cybersecurity provider, Forcepoint, has launched a brand campaign. Dedicated to bringing to life its positioning and central theme of “protecting the human point,” the push reflects the shift in the current security paradigm, which is largely technology-oriented.

Focused on people as they interact with business data and intellectual property, the effort builds on the group’s research, which shows the role of understanding human behaviour and intent in transforming cybersecurity for enterprises and government agencies.

Spanning key channels to include broadcast, digital, social media, outdoor, and print, the multi-channel creative emphasises that only a human-centric security approach can assess cyber intent and adapt protection for an organisation’s employees and critical data.

“Our history informs our mission to protect the human point, where data is most valuable. We believe people are your brand’s best defence. This unique approach therefore, requires a human face for security,” said Praveen Asthana, Chief Marketing Officer at Forcepoint.

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