Flixy Games Unleashes Zareen Khan in Asura Fighter

flixy games zareen khan

Flixy Games has added a new avatar to its Asura Fighter series. The warrior character is played by actress and model, Zareen Khan.

Bangalore-based developer, Flixy Games, has introduced a new avatar to its Asura Fighter series featuring actress, Zareen Khan. Her character embodies a combatant from the future who takes on warriors. The venture marks her first foray into the mobile gaming scene.

Built in association with Tayutau Japan, the game leads the central protagonist, an expert on the paranormal, on a chase across the mountains of Ladakh, backwaters of Kerala, deserts of Rajasthan, and other locales, to defeat an immortal evil force of ancient times.

Derived from the successful Japanese title, Beast Breakers, by Tayutau, Asura Fighter is available in seven languages to include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, and Bengali. Five players from the first 50,000 downloads will get to meet Zareen Khan.

“Smartphone users in India show a strong preference for action genre games. We are excited over the opportunity to portray Zareen in a brand new character,” said Felix Manojh, Founder of Flixy Games. The game is slated to launch this week via Google Play.