Crayola Evokes Creativity and Play with App

Designed to help kids hone beneficial skills via learning and immersive play, Crayola Create and Play is available for immediate download.

Crayola has expanded its digital portfolio to include Create and Play, an interactive app for kids. Designed for children between the ages of three and five, the platform affords content and activities to promote such skills as logic, coding, dexterity, cause and effect, caring for pets, colour theory, and more.

With driving creativity and imagination as the core objective, the application promotes five immersive areas to include strategies and games shaped to inspire young minds and inculcate positive values. Create and Play delivers the features of Art Station, Color Lab, Pet Park, Colorful Classroom, and Arcade.

Crayola will launch each using a curated suite of programmes, with the deal to introduce fresh content, activities, and games monthly to equip curious tots with hours of productive play, engaging exploration, and effective learning. The app is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.

Safe and user-friendly, the offering operates without in-app purchases or ads, other than monthly or subscription costs. Code-compliant, it is an offline experience that removes the risk of kids interacting with others online. Around for 115 years now, the group has been adding colour for over a century.

“It can be challenging for parents to feel confident that their kid’s screen time is driving learning and creative thinking. With our education experts, we set out to develop a fun and trusted app parents can feel good about,” said Josh Kroo, VP of Marketing Communications and Interactive Platform at Crayola.