Burger King Gets Techy with Agency of Robots

Crafted entirely from artificial intelligence, Burger King has released an ad campaign in tandem with its new business model, Project: AOR.

Developing a new creative campaign using artificial intelligence, Burger King is making the move from the traditional agency of record to an agency of robots. In line with its fresh business model dubbed Project: AOR, the quick-service chain is beta-testing a new deep learning algorithm, which it says possibly offers a glimpse of what the future of marketing and communications could resemble.

Given that the technology is becoming increasingly relevant in advertising, Burger King has leveraged high-end computing resources and big data to train an artificial neutral network with pattern recognition capabilities. The exercise involved analysing thousands of fast-food commercials and competitive reports from industry research.

burger king aor ai
Burger King launches a new advertising campaign created entirely by artificial intelligence.

Relying on the data, the algorithm was able to discover intricate patterns and gather insights for strategic and effective communication. The complex software architecture simulates how a human brain operates, allowing the A.I. to not only recognise patterns but also identify which of them are more successful towards a given goal.

A pioneering campaign for Burger King, hundreds of unique commercials were created and tested in focus groups. The final scripts have just premiered; they will be the first adverts entirely created by an A.I. to air on television.

View the new ad series here: Whopper Friend with Creepy King Doctor; Whopper Mansion Title; Chicken Sandwich Crossing Encouraged; and Chicken Fries Beat Potato Loser.