Apple Unveils MacOS Sierra as Free Update for Users

apple macos sierra

Bringing Siri to the Mac and more, MacOS Sierra incorporates multiple intelligent functions from both the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Apple has made the macOS Sierra available as a free update. Said advanced desktop operating system, the latest from the brand, introduces capabilities designed around desktop use. Bringing Siri to the Mac, it incorporates multiple intelligent functions from both the iPhone and iPad.

Features like Universal Clipboard, iCloud Desktop and Documents, Auto Unlock, and Apple Pay on the web have been installed for heightened efficiency with other devices. Similarly, Photos has improved to include an upgraded Memories feature that allows automatic curation of collections.

Photos uses advanced computer vision to identify faces, objects, and scenes in images so photos can be searched by who and what is in them. In addition to the above, the Brilliance editing tool brightens dark areas, and pulls in highlights to make photographs look richer and more vibrant.

Meanwhile, Siri on the Mac helps send messages and emails, find documents, look up information, search a user’s photo library, and adjust system preferences. Consumers are now also able to drag and drop results into their documents or pin them onto their Today view for future reference.

Universal Clipboard copies content from an app on one device and pastes it onto another app on a different device. With iCloud Desktop and Documents, files from the iPhone and iPad can be accessed on the desktop. Auto Unlock lets users log into their Mac with an authenticated Apple Watch.

Apple Pay on the web has made the Safari online shopping experience more convenient and secure. Also, shoppers can click the aforementioned button at checkout on nearly 300,000 participating websites and complete their purchase with Touch ID on iPhone 6 or later or with Apple Watch.

Apple was a winner at the 2016-2017 World Branding Awards under the Mobile Phone (Global) category.