Publicis Communications’ cross-media production platform, Prodigious, has acquired translation and transcreation specialist, Translate Plus.

Prodigious has moved to secure Translate Plus, a global language services provider acquired to offer direct access to its in-house translation and transcreation services.

Prodigious, part of Publicis Communications, which is Publicis Groupe’s creative solution hub, unites specialist production expertise in print, video, and digital to deliver campaign and marketing assets as well as content that help brands better meet the content production needs of today.

An increasing part of its activity is localising marketing and campaign material across markets for clients including GSK, HPE, L’Oréal, Nestlé, P&G, Renault, and Sanofi. The expertise brought by Translate Plus will accelerate localisation by offering direct access to in-house translation and transcreation services.

Localisation ensures adaptation of marketing material and alignment to the cultural and legal requirements of local markets, across content, language, and format.

A key aspect is transcreation—a specialism that consists in translating creative copy, which unlike traditional translation, requires several different translations of the same copy with back-translations and rational.

Founded in 2008, Translate Plus counts more than 130 employees across 10 offices in London, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Washington DC, China, and Japan.

The brand helps global brands expand their footprint worldwide with services that also span website localisation, multilingual SEO, interpreting, desktop publishing, transcription, and voice-overs. It has access to a network of 9,000 specialists across 200 languages and markets.

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